Sunday, 28 August 2011

I Won!

A big thank you to Gizzimomo for her giveaway that I won! It's lovely to recieve free gifts and it shows how generous us stitchers really are. I'm looking forward to it all arriving and I'm thinking of new projects to start. As always, I will post anything I do =).

Here's a pic of the goodies my poor postie will have to add to his bag lol

Thanks again Gizzimomo! Xx


  1. congratulations dear..i am so happy for you:)
    hugs xx

  2. what a great win!!!! Enjoy!!!

  3. Hehehe You're welcome!!! I popped it in the post yesterday and I sent it Recorded Delivery for you! xx

  4. I recieved it today! Love it =D The 'All Our Yesterday' charts are gorgeous.

  5. Congratulations! Fantastic haul you have won. Stitchers are very generous I think it's because we are creators! LOL! Have fun with your prize. xo