Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Perfect Balance

I've been pretty gutted recently because I've started a post grad course for work that needs to be finished for 17th December which is good.....but I thought I would have to give up stitching until then due to the work load. But I'm pleased to say that that's not the case! The past week I've decided to work on uni work every second or third day for a few hours after work and every other day do some stitching. The weekends are a mixture but I always finish with stitching as a treat. It's worked out really well! I managed to get quite a bit of uni work done to the point I'm not worried about finishing it in time at all anymore AND I got loads of stitching done on Purple Dragon! I had somewhat lost my faith with her but after last night I'm back on track and more to the point...loving every stitch =). I'll post an update of her soon once I feel there is enough to show for the work I've done lol.

Ali xx

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